Club History

The Norwich Road Runners are Norfolk’s largest dedicated running club, with more than 440 senior members, and 70 junior members, supported by a committee of 12, and more than 25 running coaches.

The club was formed by Ray Lindsay (still running with the club), Stephen Sadd (still running with Norfolk Gazelles) and Mike Futter. The three entered the first Norfolk Marathon in 1982, under the team name Fitt Signs.

By the following year’s race, Richard Sales had joined, and to this day, he still hold the majority of the club’s records, for all distances (1:07 for Half Marathon distance and 2:28 for Marathon distance). As the club continued to grow, they still competed under non-affiliated status, but by 1985 the membership was increasing week by week, so they decided to affiliate to the national governing body, UK Athletics, as Norwich Road Runners. The rest, as they say, was history.

Since its formation the club has seen amalgamations with the Woodruff Runners, in 1987, and the Sports Village Runners in 2001, who brought with them the Wroxham 5k Series, which is going as strong as it ever has been to this day. The headquarters of the club have also changed over the years, having previously been at the Crome Centre and The Norman Centre. We are currently based at The Sewell Park Sports Centre.

In recent years the membership of the club has greatly increased, due to the popularity of running and increased viability of the club at races, as well as on social media and the internet. The club welcomes runners of all abilities, from complete newcomers through to race and championship winners. In 2017 the club had more than 165 members take part in the Run Norwich 10k, and we were easily the biggest club on the day.

Round Norfolk Relay

The Norwich Road Runners have also been a huge part of the running community in the county. The club has fielded teams in the Round Norfolk Relay for more than 28 years, only being beaten by Ryston Runners (as the original team who set the relay up). In terms of appearances, Richard Sales has appeared 25 times, Ray Lindsay has appeared 23 times, Dale Hurren has appeared 18 times, Sally Cushing has appeared 17 times, and Karl Sherry has appeared 16 times.

In the last 10 years the Norwich Road Runners have won, at the Round Norfolk Relay:

Masters Team: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017

Club Team: 2010, 2011

Open Team: 2009

Ladies Team: 2007, 2017

The club also marshals the Cley changeover point, between stages 4 and 5.

Wroxham 5k Series

The Wroxham 5k Series was originally set up by Martin Yeomans, when he was at the Sports Village Running Club. They hosted a 10k for several years around Hellesdon, Horsford and Drayton. However, with a dwindling membership and increasing traffic, the marshalling requirements meant it was no longer viable. Martin looked for local venues to host a 5k, which was much more manageable, and found the Wroxham 5k course at Broadland High School.

The first race was in 1996 and has 130 finishers. Olympian Paul Evans, turning up on the night, ran the race in 14:11, a record which is still unbeaten (as of July 2017). The race has remained at Broadland High School and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016. The series continues to be very popular with local runners, with a record 627 finishing the third race on 5th July 2017.