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Coaching and Training - Tuesday Sessions

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Tuesday Sessions

All sessions start shortly after announcements in the reception at Sewell Park Sports Centre, approximately 7.10pm, and last around an hour.

Session A, Field - sessions take place on the larger field just opposite Sewell Park Sports Centre during the summer, and on the smaller field behind Sewell Park in the autumn/winter. All sessions are delivered on a (roughly) 400m marked track, with cones and signage used. During the dark autumn/winter months we have portable floodlights which we use on the smaller field. Coaches devise a session which typically offers 30 mins of active effort, with plenty of recoveries in between. They will lead a warm up, briefing, and a cool down. We ask that runners bring any water and gels they may need, and assist in collecting all the equipment after the session and putting it back into our kit containers.

Sessions usually involve fartlek sessions, 200m and 400m relays, pyramid sessions, and other sessions designed to increase running speed.

Session B, Road - sessions take place in the roads surrounding Sewell Park Sports College. Coaches will advise on the session on the night. These usually involve hill efforts, 1k efforts, sprint sessions in local parks, and other activities. Road sessions take place on open roads where there will be traffic, pedestrians and parked vehicles. Please be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.