NRR New Website

We have a new website! Find out what is new.

As you can see, the Norwich Road Runners have a new website. It’s entirely new, and built on the latest version of the Joomla platform. It is designed primarily for desktop PC users but scales beautifully for tablets and phones. Here’s a rundown of the key new features:

  • Entirely New Design – The entire design of the website has been overhauled to make use of the space available on the website. It now has a more consistent design throughout, as well as a consistent colour scheme and use of graphics.
  • New Homepage – The homepage has been designed so it immediately draws attention to the club’s next race, as well as providing key information about it. It automatically changes depending on which race is coming up next.
  • Information Layout – Finding information is now a lot easier thanks to the top header bar which stays with you, whichever page you are on, and new drop down menus, allowing you to find information much more quickly.
  • FAQs Page - For new runners interested in the club, there is now a dynamic FAQs page which should answer any immediate questions they will have.
  • Search Function – There is a new search function (top right) which now works well, allowing you to immediately find anything you are looking for on the website.
  • Social Sharing – It’s now even easier to share articles, news and links direct from pages to your social media website of choice. Just click the button at the bottom of the article.
  • Behind the Scenes Enhancements – The behind the scenes platform for the site has also been upgraded to the latest version, allowing updates to be posted to the website much more quickly.

New information will be added to the website over the next couple of weeks, including a detailed history of the club, and information on our new Juniors club. We look forward to hearing your feedback –