Announcing the NRR Running Shoes

Exclusive Trainers Coming Soon!

The committee is pleased to announce that the Norwich Road Runners have developed an innovative brand of trainer, exclusively for members. The initial conceptual design is below:

 The shoes, which will be available on February 29th 2017, have several enhancements over traditional trainers:

  • - Self-lacing;

  • - Mud-repellent;

  • - Contains tiny rocket boosters for that extra boost at the finish line;

  • - Shoots electric shocks to nearby runners to get them out of the way;

  • - They never wear out – you need only buy one pair;

  • - Work on all terrain – retractable spikes included;

  • - Built in GPS Tracking of routes;

  • - Built in speakers which play Vangelis' Chariots of Fire as you approach the finish line;
  • - Not available in NRR Red.

The retail price is £198.50 and available only at Sportlink Running Fitness. All sizes are available.

We look forward to seeing our members getting personal bests in them!