Celebrating Colin's 80th Birthday

Colin Thouless celebrates his 80th birthday

One of our longest serving members, Colin Thouless celebrates his 80th Birthday today. One of the club's founders, Ray Lindsay, reflects on this incredible milestone.

Today is a very special day to Norwich Road Runners as it’s a very special birthday to a legend roadrunner of our club. Not a Leg/end as myself...


Colin has his 80th birthday today and at 80 years young I wanted to say a little bit about him. Colin and his son Gavin have been remembers of Norwich Road Runners since the mid 1980s when we started the club and ran from the Crome Centre at Telegraph Lane, they are both one of the longest serving members to the club, and even today you will see him knocking out the miles on a Tuesday night on the field.


Colin was a force to be recognized in his racing days hitting half marathons at around 1 hour 40 mins. He ran the London marathon with the club to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy which Norwich Road Runners ran for this charity in the 80s. Colin had a training partner at the club, Lou Miller, father of Rachel, who even now in his mid 80s still does the Wroxham 5km Series. Colin always called him dad as Lou was a few years older, and the battles always started on the start line. I have put a few photos and race results in here which was done in the 1980s Of Colin,his family and Lou.

I know Colin doesn’t use Facebook but if you see him walking about today just scream happy birthday, and remember if he goes up the club tonight and you decide to give him the bumps, he will need 80 of them... Happy 80th Colin!