Club Awards 2016

How to vote in this year's club awards

Following feedback from last year, members will be able to nominate and vote for the club awards.

The following categories are:

  • Male Newcomer
  • Male Senior
  • Male Veteran (40 and over)
  • Female Newcomer
  • Female Senior
  • Female Veteran¬†(40 and over)
  • Outstanding Achievement (to be decided by the committee).

If you are unsure of who is eligible for each of the categories - a membership list with this information is available on the noticeboard at Sewell Park.

You can vote based on any number of factors - performance, contribution to the club, can do attitude etc.

Each member has one vote. Please nominate a person (one only) in each category, and add a brief description of why they should win.

Please print and complete the attached form in order to vote:

NRR Club Awards 2016 Nomination Form [PDF, 80kb].

Please had this in to Nick Gurney, who will be at the club each Tuesday from 6.30pm to 7.00pm. He will tick your name off the list of members and you can cast your vote in a sealed ballot box. 

You are not required to identify yourself on the nomination form. 

Voting will be available from Monday October 3rd through to the club's Annual General Meeting, on Tuesday 25th October. After this point, the votes will be counted, and the winners will be announced at the club's christmas party.

In the event of a tie, the committee will consider the nominated persons and the reasons for nomination, and come to a mutual decision.

Happy Voting!