NRR 2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 club winners. This year members voted for the winners in the Newcomer, Senior and Veteran categories, with the committee deciding the Outstanding Achievement award. The awards were presented at the club's christmas party on Saturday 10th December, at the Assembly House in Norwich, by the club's secretary, Mick Powell.

Our winners for 2016 are:

Female Newcomer of the Year - Natalie Cant

Female Senior of the Year - Tabitha Keeble

Female Veteran of the Year - Stacey Harper

Male Newcomer of the Year - Ashley Hobbs

Male Senior of the Year - Nick Gurney

Male Veteran of the Year - Mark Garrett

Outstanding Achievement Award (shared) - Alex Gaunt and Mandy Foyster

Louis Miller (fourth from left) also received a lifetime honorary membership to the club.

Photo: Baz Hipwell