NRR at Sportspark

Organised by our head coaches, Stephen Moseley and Neil Walpole, runners at the club took part in NRR's first ever track session, on Monday 23rd January, at the UEA Sportspark. Whilst it was a cold night, with a thick layer of fog covering the track, more than 65 runners took part, a fantastic turnout for our first session. The hour long training session, out of five planned, saw senior runners split into groups of similar ability, and after a thorough warm up, undertake 400m, single lap efforts. The focus was definitely on speedwork, and pushing yourself to become faster.

Over the coming weeks runners will be training across increasing distances around the track, with a 5,000m time trial planned for the fifth and final session.

The track sessions are currently available to all senior members of the club at no additional cost. Our juniors team is looking to host track sessions for younger runners in the future.

We look forward to seeing runners at the next track session, on Monday 30th January. Hopefully everyone isn't too tired from the Southern Cross Country Championships and/or the Freethorpe 10. Parking is available free of charge at the Sportspark, and entry is 60p per person for non-sportspark members.