NRR London Marathon Ballot Winners Interview

Back in October the annual NRR London Marathon Ballot took place. Everyone waited to see if their name would be picked, would they be one of the lucky ones.... Well congratulations went to Jonathan Eagle, Niki Park, Sarah Boosey and Ruth Gaunt!

We caught up with Jonathan and Niki to find out more about their London Marathon journey and wish Jonathan, Niki, Sarah and Ruth the best of lucky for Sunday. We'll all be cheering you on!

Good luck to all NRRs running on Sunday too! 

How long have you been a NRR

Jonathan: Since early 2015 (I think), meaning the 2016 AGM was my first time in the ballot for VLM.

Niki: Since June 2013, so nearly 4 years


What do you love about being a NRR

Jonathan:  The community and people. Knowing I can go to club and see friendly faces and chat about so many different things with all sorts of people
who I may never have met otherwise. Coupled with that there is so much running knowledge at NRR, so it's a good place to ask questions and
get advice from some of the more mature, experienced or faster runners.

Niki: I love the fact that everyone is so friendly and encouraging. At local races you will also know someone and even if they are watching and don't know you, they still cheer you on. 


How did you feel when your name was pulled out?

Jonathan: Mixed emotions of being pleased that I have an opportunity to run an iconic event that so many people want to run, but also slightly scared
at the training I knew was ahead and thinking 'why me?'.

Niki: Totally surprised and gob-smacked! I've never been sure if I wanted to run a marathon but thought I'd let fate decide. Seems fate thinks I should! 


What does running the London Marathon mean to you?

Jonathan: It is something I have wanted to do for a while now. I (like many do) entered the ballot year after year and was unsuccessful so I am going
to try and embrace it for what it is and hopefully enjoy it as something I can look back on one day and be proud of. I am also trying
to raise some money for charity - so I have a big decision on whether to wear a club vest or a charity vest on the day...

Niki: If ever there is one marathon you should run, it has to be London. I know so many people who would like to, but have never been able to get a place, so I feel really lucky and honoured to be running for NRR. 


How is your training going?

Jonathan: I ran 15 miles on Sunday (12th February), so I feel like I am in a good place. I am trying to juggle 'life' and running as much as I can
but I know over the next couple of months I will have to dedicate more time to it.

Niki: So far so good, but I am constantly tired and hungry! It is up and down though - my 20 mile run felt brilliant but my 22 was horrible. Still don't know if I can run 26.2!!! 


What is the best thing about marathon training - what are you enjoying most?

Jonathan: The support I have had (keep it coming guys!) with people constantly asking me how I am doing and offering me company on runs. I'm not a
massive fan of running completely alone, plus it's a chance to get to know people a bit better when you have a couple of hours together!

Niki: I like the long runs on a weekend with friends and fellow marathon-trainers. And the good excuse for eating chocolate!

What is the biggest challenge you're finding in marathon training?

Jonathan: Definitely the long runs, the time on my feet (as it seems to be called) was something I struggled with when running my only other previous marathon, so I'm hoping some slower runs will help me acclimatise to it.

Niki: Fitting it all in! I seem to be running in all my spare time (and I don't have a lot of that!) and feeling guilty when I'm not. And finding more time to sleep!!