Once a Road Runner, Always a Road Runner

It was suggested to me after the Dereham 10 by a club representative that club members might find it interesting to learn about one of our second claim  runners, Simon Millett, and his experience in this years London Marathon. Yes I know I am his Dad but forget about that and read on !

Simon's running career included several years with Road Runners and whilst he is well known amongst the more senior runners at the club, he will probably not be known by more recent members. Before he moved away to Uni and then to London where he now lives, he was one of the 'whizzy group' at Road Runners .

Despite living away and now running 1st claim for Windsor AC and concentrating on the track, he has often found the time to run 2nd claim for us in the Round Norfolk Relay, Ekiden relays and Lord Mayors 5k etc. His heart is still very much in the club. You will probably see him in the RNR again this year.

His plan has always been to run his first marathon once he turned 30 yrs and that was this year.

Prior to this his longest distance was a half marathon which he ran in a creditable 72 mins.

This year Simon committed himself to some amazing training mileage, something like 1000 miles this year, training twice, sometimes three times daily despite holding down a full time job .

He qualified for a Championship place start at the London Marathon just behind the elite group. At half way stage, running strongly,he was very aware of the NRR contingent of supporters and although he would not admit to it he felt quite emotional as he passed us. At 22 miles, when most of us would be blowing out of our socks, Simon was still running well and once again took much strength from the support of the NRR crew as he ran past for a second time.

He finished his first marathon in an amazing 2 hours and 29 minutes, 42nd overall in the event.

The point of this short story isn't about his parents crowing about their son. It is all about a runners dedication to the sport and his loyalty to the ever growing membership at Norwich Road Runners, and inspiring others  .

It goes to show all of us that with commitment and self belief we can all achieve what we might otherwise think is impossible in reaching our respective goals in running.

Keep putting the effort in and you will get there.


Tony Millett