Race Report: 28/05/2017 - Edinburgh Marathon, Liverpool Rock n'Roll

With another bank holiday weekend upon us there was plenty of opportunities to rest, relax, drink, eat and be merry.  For Norwich Road Runners there were also plenty of opportunities (and more days, yippee) to train and race! 

The first in line for those racing was the popular Edinburgh Marathon and seven Norwich Road Runners made the journey up to Edinburgh with some fantastic times as always and some interesting costumes too! Well done! 

Also having a nice break from home over in Liverpool a number of Norwich Road Runners took part in the Rock n'roll 5km, half marathon and full marathon. These series of races are really for you if you love your medals. For completing a set of the races (which also are run abroad too) you then get even more medals! See photo below and if you like your 'bling' I would recommend you sign up now! I know, again, there were plenty of PBs and great running, well done!



London was the next port of call for travelling NRR this weekend. First of all on the Saturday the Westminster Mile which saw three NRR getting some fantastic mile times. Then on the Sunday was the Vitality London 10km with another 5 NRR taking part.  

Well done everyone on another great weekend of running. 

Rachel Miller

NRR Communications Officer

 Edinburgh Marathon

  • Shaun Cleworth  3h 18m 6s
  • David Houghton  3h 26m 17s
  • Alison Middleton  3h 47m 33s
  • Ruth Gaunt         3h 53m 33s
  • Caroline Houghton  3h 58m 31s
  • David Allen        4h 41m 40s
  • Alex Gaunt         4h 47m 42s

Liverpool Rock n'Roll


  • Matthew Dawson 18.49
  • Louise Grinsdale 21.43
  • Roly Cook  21.46
  • Paul Smith  21.57
  • Claire Smith 21.57
  • Maureen Hamis 22.43
  • Nathan Bailey 23.18
  • Lucy Ring  29.14
  • Samantha Wall 25.23
  • Dawn Cook  32.59
  • Allyson Bailey 36.20
  • Sam Reddy 34.13

 Half Marathon

  • Ryan Kennedy   01:32:46
  • Roly Cook            01:42:21
  • Paul Smith          01:50:31
  • Claire Smith       01:50:31
  • Maureen Hamis 01:53:25
  • Nathan Bailey   02:02:35
  • David Marks       02:21:26
  • Lucy Ring             02:28:23
  • Samantha Wall 02:42:39
  • Dawn Cook         02:42:40
  • Allyson Bailey   02:47:02

Full Marathon 

  • Matthew Dawson 03:43:45
  • Lucy Spinks         05:28:56
  • Samantha Reddy 05:45:30

Westminster Mile

  • Simon Wright    00:05:12
  • Nick Gurney       00:05:40
  • Anna Thorpe      00:07:51

Vitality London 10km

  • Simon Wright    00:36:35
  • Keith Brighty     00:44:31
  • Anna Thorpe      00:56:59
  • Tanya Cable       00:58:18
  • Paul Robbins     01:11:41