Club Awards 2018

All you need to know about voting for this year

Club Members - hopefully you should have received an email regarding the Club Awards.

Here is a reminder of the process if not.

Dear member

Its the time of year when you as members cast your votes for the Club Awards.  This year it will be done via an online system with the link attached below.

The categories are:

  • Male Newcomer
  • Female Newcomer
  • Male Senior
  • Male Veteran
  • Female Senior
  • Female Veteran

You have 3 votes for each category and you can use all your votes for one person if you wish, or vote for several members.

Please only use the link to vote once - there is also a criteria guideline on the survey, really think about who you are considering based on the year they have had as a runner to NRR.

If you have people in mind already, great! But to help with who is in senior or veteran categories and who is new to the club; attached is a list of the current registered athletes to NRR.

The voting closes at 13:00 on Thursday 6th December to ensure the results can be counted in time for the Christmas party on the 8th December where the results will be revealed.

Club Awards 2018

Member Newcomers

Male Senior & Veteran

Female Senior & Veteran

If you have any questions please drop us a note at