Our history shows NRR is always on the move!

History of the NRR

Moving house normally brings memories of the place and history of the journey to get there. As we look forward to our move to Sprowston Community Academy let's remember our history. A club that began in the minds of committed, competitive runners who wanted to meet more like minded people to promote the love of road running. From 6 people meeting in house in Norwich to a club of over 500 reflects the dedication over the years of our founders and those who came after them. The ethos is still the same. A love of running, a love of competing and a desire to welcome all who want to enjoy running

The history of the founding of the Norwich Road Runners club

In 1982 Ray Lindsay, Mike Futter and Stephen Sadd who was employed by Fitt signs were running together under the banner of Fitt Signs who had designed and made the Start and Finish signs for the first Norfolk marathon. By mid 1982 the club had been joined by a fourth member ,Stephen Dixon, at the time of the Fakenham 10 mile race on 11July 1982.

For a brief period we ran under the banner of Midnight Runners and indeed in the 2nd Norfolk Marathon in 1983 the results show Midnight Runners came 4th Non-Affiliated Team (S.Dixon 3.27.04, M.Futter 3.27.06, R.Lindsay 3.31.56, S.Sadd 4.01.58).

At the same time as this, but independently, Michael Betts had started running and, as he lived in the same road as Richard Sales (Thurling Plain), they started running together. They too ran the 2nd Norfolk Marathon (R.Sales 3.02.42, M.Betts 3.08.58) and it was here they met the others for the first time. It was also here that Mick Betts met up again with Ivan Loades (I.Loades 3.12.33) who he’d known in his childhood.

After this the 6 of us (Mick Betts, Stephen Dixon, Mike Futter, Ray Lindsay, Ivan Loades & Richard Sales) met more and more regularly, normally running from Mick’s home in Thurling Plain, and Mike Futter in Plumstead Road or Stephen Dixon on Ryder Haggard Road.

In order to attract more members and keep our best runners we realised we had to start taking club running more seriously and the 6 of us, together, decided to change the name from Midnight Runners to Norwich Road Runners. We therefore consider the club had six founding members namely Mick Betts, Stephen Dixon, Mike Futter, Ray Lindsay, Ivan Loades & Richard Sales, and the start of our lady runners, Sarah Dixon “nee Walker” wife of Stephen Dixon, and Julie Lindsay.

This would have been sometime in late 1983 to early 1984 and indeed the first printed record of the Norwich Road Runners name is at the 2nd Ipswich Marathon on 9 September 1984, although we may well have run under the name earlier in 1984.

As the club was growing we started running from The Crome Recreation Centre, on Telegraph Lane (now all demolished). In 1985 Norwich Road Runners became affiliated with Mick Betts being the first club secretary. Then indeed the rest, as they say, is history.

To our Norwich Road Runner founders, past and present committee's and to all those who support the club at races arranging, marshalling, making cakes etc. To those who train us, cajole and encourage us.  Our thanks to all of you. To those of you who weren't even born when the club was formed- Thanks for joining us! We will be making the club history to pass on to others.