ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon 2019.

ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon. 

The ASICS Greater Manchester marathon posts on their web site ( ) that the race is 'famous for its fast, flat and friendly route'? Fast I can understand, flat yes-but friendly! Can any 26.2 mile run be classified as 'friendly"? Anyhow you can ask any of the 17 Norwich Road Runners who completed the race on the 7th April 2019. after making the long journey up to Manchester. Purely going by photographic evidence it seems the runners there may have had a drier run than on the City of Norwich half marathon 

Chris Harrison was the first Norwich Road Runner home in a chip time of 02:58:17. That looks like a brilliant run! 8 other Road Runners ( Liam Rowlands, Paul Smith, Ryan Kennedy, Philip Nicholson, Richard Huggins, Mandy Foyster ,Glyn Manton and Melissa Baker) broke the 4 hour mark on chip time. I know this was a first for Glyn Manton. Well done!. Congratulations to all of you, you did the club proud. A special mention goes to Dawn Cook who completed her first ever marathon in Manchester. Dawn represents the ethos that our club holds dear.To help runners, whatever their ability, achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Dawn posted this on the Norwich Road Runners Facebook page 'I just want to say a massive thank you to our club. When I joined I couldn't run 5k however Linda and Brian along with many others helped me achieve it. Last year I joined the jeffing group and my mileage increased to 22 miles as the ladies were training for the London marathon. Yesterday I completed my first marathon at Manchester and want to say thank you to all the people that supported me, you know who you are x x'

Are you a new runner visiting our web site wondering if you should join a club? Dawn's story is not unusual and we will welcome you whatever your level is now and whatever your goals- humble and otherwise.


A couple of other photos from the run