'Evade and Escape' Training Offered

Self defence training offered at Norwich Road Runners


Are you a runner who is a nervous of running alone? Would you be interested in learning some techniques that would help you in case of attack? Thankfully such attacks are very rare but this type of training would give you confidence.

Our club has people with a wide range of talents and one of those people has training in Karate to a 6th Dan BlackBelt level, with 50 years of martial art experience in different styles. He has taught self defence to the military in both the UK and USA. 

While out on a club run he got into conversation with a person who was nervous running alone and this has led on to the idea of offering small groups or individuals self defence training. This training would teach the runner how to defend themselves in attack situations and if required could be extended to teach the full spectrum of martial arts. 

The club is looking for feedback on the level of interest before taking it further. The training would be free to Norwich Road Runners. When we have numbers and availability the plan is then to discuss times and dates

In the first instance could you email healthandsafety@norwichroadrunners.com with your details and we will get back to you to make further arrangements