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Ringland Half Marathon - Race Details

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Race Details

A route map of the course is available to view below

The course is officially measured at 13.1 miles.

The race holds a full permit from UK Athletics (2019-36661), and is hosted under their Rules of Competition (UKA and IAAF Rule Book 2016-2018).

The course is fully signposted at every mile, and marshals are present at every corner and at key points along the route.

Please keep to the left side of the road at all times unless instructed otherwise.

Audio devices (including headphones and bone conducting headphones) are banned from the race - you need to be able to hear any traffic and marshal instructions. Anyone wearing headphones will be removed from the results (as per UKA Rule 240 S 5)

Similarly, runners are not allowed to run with a dog during the race (as per UKA Rule 240 S 6), and we do not allow runners to run with a race buggy.

There are water stations at 3, 6, 9 miles, as well as the finish line. The day can be warm so we recommend taking any water or gels you may need with you.

When crossing the finish line please proceed quickly through the finish funnel, collecting your medal and removing your timing chip. Water will be available at the finish.

Ringland Half Marathon Route [270kb]

Ringland Half Marathon Start/Finish [217kb]

Ringland Half Marathon Route & Profile

UKA Race Permit (2019-36661)