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Coaching and Training - Thursday Road Runs

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Thursday Sessions

Thursday's session is a road run, of around 7-8 miles with different cut off points for those who want to run a shorter distance (typically a 4 mile and a 6 mile option). The idea is we all start together on the route before branching off, meeting back up and running back to the club together.

We are slowly building up a set of 10-15 routes which we will alternate depending on weather and during winter/summer. Please check the club FB page to see which route it will be that week.

All-Weather Routes All-Weather Long Routes Summer Routes Special Routes Out and Back Routes
NRR Route 01 [PDF, 126kb] NRR Route 01 (10 Miles) [PDF, 181kb] NRR Route 06 [PDF, 231kb] NRR Route 04 - Xmas Fun Run [PDF, 216kb] NRR Route 12 [PDF, 213kb]
NRR Route 02 [PDF, 240kb] NRR Route 02 (10 Miles) [PDF, 262kb] NRR Route 15 [PDF, 250kb] NRR Route 08 - 5k Time Trial [PDF, 235kb] NRR Route 13 [PDF, 235KB]
NRR Route 03 [PDF,232kb]        
NRR Route 05 [PDF, 272kb]        
NRR Route 07 [PDF, 252kb]        
NRR Route 09 [PDF, 250kb]        
NRR Route 10 [PDF, 210kb]        
NRR Route 11 [PDF, 380kb] NRR Route 11 (10.6 Miles) [PDF, 250kb]      
NRR Route 14 [PDF, 576kb]        
NRR Route 16 [PDF, 550kb]        
NRR Route 17 [PDF, 748kb]        
NRR Route 18 [PDF, 160kb]        
NRR Route 19 [PDF, 180kb]        
NRR Route 20 [PDF, 256kb]        
NRR Route 21 [PDF, 176kb]        
NRR Route 22 [PDF, 193kb]        
NRR Route 23 [PDF, 164kb]        


Runners meet at Sewell Park and get into groups depending on their pace and the distance they want to run. There are usually 5-6 groups.

Our motto for Thursdays is #NoOneRunsAlone - there will always be someone to run with.

In Autumn/Winter months please come dressed in high visibility clothing.

Thursday Group Runs, Hints and Tips

  • -  If your group is a set to to run at example 8 min miles start slower and use the first 5 or 10 minutes as a warm up and maybe start your watch after the first mile or so. Then when you start your paced run your body is ready to go.
  • - If you are in a group and you are a bit faster than than the pace you are running, drop to the back of back of the group and do a mini effort to get yourself to the front and repeat throughout the run.
  • - Do not worry about the group splitting up. A big group will often have mixed pace runners. If you have a good route briefing before you start then the front runners can go off and meet you at the finish. It is more important to start together so new runners can join in and meet you at the beginning each week.
  • - Make sure that no one drops off the back of the group on their own. Always make sure at least one other person goes back to help and run with them.
  • - On hills do some efforts and meet again as a group at the top.
  • - If you think people you are running with are in the wrong group. Encourage them to change the following week. It is really important new members start in the correct group or a slower one until they get to know people.
  • - Enjoy the run.