London Marathon Ballot

All you need to know about the club's London Marathon Ballot

If you entered the main London Marathon ballot back in March, you will soon be finding out from the event organisers if you have secured a public ballot entry (the odds of success are around 6-7%). If you have received a 'sorry, better luck next time' email or slip from the event organisers, then you are in luck. There is another way of securing a spot in the world's most popular Marathon.

As an affiliated club (with England Athletics), the club receives a number of spaces in the marathon. This is calculated depending on the amount of members we have at a certain cut off point (usually end of August). This year, it looks like the club has 4 available spaces (this will be confirmed by the club secretary nearer the time).

Please familiarise yourself with the rules of the draw - which can be found here. It is very important that you understand the rules as they will be applied for the ballot.

Details on where to submit your rejection slip/email will be detailed shortly.

Clearly identify on your slip or email which ballot you would like to go in to, as per the rules of the draw.

Good Luck!