St Neots Half Marathon 2017 Race Report

Road Runners took part in the St Neots Half Marathon 2017

It was a weekend of autumn Half Marathons, with Road Runners taking part in both the Snetteron Half Marathon, and the St Neots Half Marathon. The weather for both was perfect running conditions, perhaps a little chilly to start with (4-5 degrees C), but with clear blue skies and very still wind, making for many personal bests. 51 Norwich Road Runners took part across both races, covering a total distance of 668 miles!

The St Neots Half Marathon is a favourite of Norwich Road Runners - an end of the year Half Marathon in the leafy countryside just east of St Neots in Cambridgeshire. The figure of 8 course offers a few small undulations, but is mainly quite quick, with the last three miles being completely flat. It also helps that the last mile back to the finish is downhill, so when you're starting to run out of energy, the course gives you a bit of a boost for that sprint finish! 

A coach load of Road Runners, along with spectators, travelled to St Neots, and many others joined us there for the sell out event! Unusually, the weather was *perfect* for the race - in previous years we have had to battle strong winds, heavy rain, dour grey skies, and in some cases, all three.

Many runners came away with huge personal bests, capping of a fantastic season of road running! Our male runners managed to win the mens team prize - massive congratulations to Simon English, Chris Mickleburgh and Simon Wright for their outstanding performances.

  • Chris Mickleburgh, 1:18:34
  • Simon English, 1:18:58
  • Simon Wright, 1:18:59
  • Chris Bullock, 1:23:43
  • Marc Coles, 1:26:36
  • Paul James Smith, 1:27:20
  • Nick Gurney, 1:27:47
  • Mat Porter, 1:36:24
  • Deborah English, 1:38:16
  • Joanna Killingworth, 1:41:52
  • Ruth Gaunt, 1:43:06
  • Julz Williams, 1:43:55
  • Jodie Causer, 1:44:37
  • Melissa Baker, 1:44:37
  • Matt Howes, 1:45:31
  • Lisa Hall, 1:47:16
  • Nathan Bailey, 1:50:30
  • Roly Cook, 1:52:30
  • Anna Thorpe, 2:01:11
  • Rachael Macro, 2:01:37
  • Danielle Crane, 2:03:34
  • Lizza Frary, 2:10:17
  • Tanya Cable, 2:10:20
  • Kate Moore, 2:11:49
  • Gina Preston, 2:11:46
  • Lucy Ring, 2:17:37
  • Katie Mann, 2:36:07
  • Allyson Bailey, 2:58:36

Many thanks to St Neots Riverside Runners and Nice Tri Events for hosting the event.